Top 10 best selling cars in India of year 2020


Top 10 best selling cars in India of year 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic compounded the crisis for carmakers in India. But the festive season brought some cheer, providing a silver lining at the end of the year. Indian automaker, Maruti Suzuki absolutely dominated in terms of sales with the top six cars. We bring you a list of the top 10 best-selling cars in India of year 2020.

Rank Model Year 2020
1 Maruti Swift 1,60,774
2 Maruti Baleno 1,54,087
3 Maruti Alto 1,53,966
4 Maruti WagonR 1,48,298
5 Maruti Dzire 1,24,969
6 Maruti Ertiga+XL6 1,04,185
7 Kia Seltos 1,01,663
8 Maruti Eeco 99,480
9 Hyundai Creta 96,989
10 Hyundai Grand i10 91,930

The Swift, Baleno, Alto, WagonR , Dzire, Ertiga+XL6, Kia Seltos, Maruti Eeco, Hyundai Creta and Hyundai Grand i10 are placed as numbe one to ten on the list.

All Seven cars recorded sales figures in excess of 1 lakh this year. Swift tops the list with 1,60,774 sold units and seems to be the winner by a long way unless Baleno, which recorded sales of 1,54,087 units. Alto, despite being one of the oldest models from the Maruti stable, is placed at number three with 1,53,966 units sold. Maruti also sold 1,48,298 units of WagonR, which got a facelift recently and 1,24,969 units of Dzire.

Maruti Ertiga+XL6, Kia Seltos and Maruti Eeco came in sixth, seventh and eighth position, respectively where Maruti Ertiga+XL6 sold 104185 units, while Kia Seltos and Maruti Eeco followed with 101663 units and 99480 units. Hyundai Creta came in ninth position with 96989 units of sales and Hyundai Grand i10 with 91930 units of sales in year 2020.

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