Toyota Glanza Review Toyota Glanza Review

Toyota Glanza Review

Pallavi Tiwari, 20/09/2019


The subcompact section just like, the mini and the micro, is facing a major crunch over the past few years. Not so long ago these were the go to cars for the Indian audience but overtime as investments were made into the SUV models, ideal vehicle for Indian joint families, they ate into the smaller car market share. However, this doesn’t mean that the segment is one which any company can ignore. It commands a significant amount of market share and is still relevant. Toyota Glanza, the first joint venture between Maruti and Toyota, hopes to make it in the segment which is currently dominated by the likes of Maruti Swift, Maruti Alto and Hyundai i20. The car is revived from the 1973 model of Toyota, The Toyota Starlet and its major design comes in from the Maruti Baleno. The car launched back in June of 2019 has managed to generate a lot of buzz. Let us take a closer. Toyota has seen major growth in the Indian market in the past few years with 2018 being a particularly great one as they registering a 9% jump with sales of 151,000 passenger vehicles, compared with the industry average of 5.5%. Let us take a closer look at the car as to how will the combination of Toyota and Maruti works out.

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