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Services offered By Buy Cars Online:
1. How do I search new cars on BuyCarsOnline?
Option 1: On Home Page  New Car Section  Select Maker, Model & Variant

Option 2: Go to New Cars in Menu  Select Maker, Model & Variants. And, then click on Submit
2. Why should you buy cars from Buy Cars Online?

BuyCarsOnline has the advantage an online e-commerce experience and an on road car dealership. Our one-stop Multibrand solution offers you the following benefits:
i. One Stop Solution for all needs of a car:
ii. Buy New Car Online or call us
iii.Buy Old Car Online or tell us your requirement
iv. Car Accessories
v. Car Finance
vi. Car Lease
vii.Car Insurance
viii.Sell your old car
ix. Compare cars
x. Safe and Secure Transactions
xi. Hassle Free and Convenient
xii.Best Deals & Price
xiii.Car ki Home Delivery
3.How to Sign Up (Register) on BuyCarsOnline?

Click on Sign Up link on right side of our website. Provide your email address and password to login.
4.How to sell your old car?

For this you need to Sign Up with us first. And then login & click on Sell Car

5. How to Buy Old Cars from BuyCarsOnline

Simply click on Used Cars from menu. Select Maker / Brand to Buy Old Cars Online.
6. How does BuyCarsOnline work?

Today’s auto market is very fragmented and needs to be organized in order to deliver the best to its customers. Buycarsonline, a multi brand innovation, is an initiative to organize the existing set up & bring transparency to the customers in the auto segment ensuring the lowest cost of the vehicle. In an effort to provide complete auto solution to our customers under one roof, we have launched an online portal, buycarsonline, where customer can buy their dream cars in one click! The concept can bring customer satisfaction & an innovation in this segment across the globe. One of the biggest problems what customers face today is to get time to reach to dealers, book test drive, find the best cars within their budget, negotiate for the price, book the car & reach to the dealer on the delivery date to get their cars. Car buying (even when it’s done online) is a passionate, personal pursuit, and generation connected. We have completely simplified the car buying process to an amazing experience. Customers can simply search the cars on Buy Cars Online, compare and book their new cars anytime anywhere. Your new car will be delivered hassle-free to doorstep!
7. What is discount offered at BuyCarsOnline?

BuyCarsOnline offers special promotions and hot deals on new cars. Further discounts are available through group deals. The maximum discount may be upto 30% of on-road price on certain cars. We offer additional discount of Rs 10,000 on all cars as our promotion. Please do read our terms and conditions.
8. How do I get my new car?

Book cars online with token amount or pay via cheque. We will confirm you the delivery date. Once the entire payment is done, we deliver the cars at your doorstep.

9. What is the waiting period after ordering the car?

The waiting period depends on the car’s availability. The delivery date and waiting period is part of the contract. We will regularly inform about the order status and progress.
10. How can I get a car insurance and/or car finance offer?

We have partnered with bank and insurance companies. Expect a hassle free services from Buy Cars Online.
11. How can I purchase accessories from BuyCarsOnline?

Please tell us your requirements, we will facilitate all accessories at very reasonable price. All accessories will be fitted before car being delivery to your home.
12. Who will provide the after sales service for my car?

After-sales services are provided by our authorized dealers in your city. You will receive the same services as the offline car buyer at the respective car dealership.
13. How can I contact BuyCarsOnline for Customer Support?

Our customers can contact us between 10am to 6pm (Monday to Saturday) by phone +91 2267208282, or email ( for any advice or questions
14. Do I have to pay a fee for services?

All our services and the use of the BuyCarsOnline website are free-of-charge for you.
15. Cancellation charges? Do I get the refund of the token amount?

There will be a very small (almost zero) cancellation charges. Please have a look at the Terms and Conditions on our website as well as the respective car dealer’s Terms and Conditions.
16. How do I pay for purchased products and services?

To ensure a fast and safe payment, BuyCarsOnline operates an integrated industry standard and approved payment gateway. When purchasing new cars, accessories and/or services, you are required to provide your credit or debit card details to the approved payment gateways while making the payment. The information provided by you will not be utilized or shared with any third party.
17. What should I do, if I have not received my confirmation email?

Following your successful car booking, you will get an order confirmation. Our confirmation emails should arrive directly in your email in-box. If you have not received a confirmation email at all, you may have entered your email address incorrectly on our website or it may have been filtered out by your spam or junk email filter. In such a case, please check your 'Junk Email’ or 'Spam' folder and mark BuyCarsOnline as a trusted sender and source for future communication. If you have still not received our email after checking the above, please contact our Customer Care Center between 10am to 6pm (Monday to Saturday) by phone +91 2267208282 or email us
18. How do you handle trade-ins?

BuyCarsOnline offers the option of a car exchange. During the booking process you can opt for this and our car exchange partner will get in contact with you. If you have any queries concerning this point, please contact our Customer Care Center between 10am to 6pm (Monday to Saturday) by phone +91 2267208282 or email us
19. What parts of the country and which cities are served by BuyCarsOnline?

BuyCarsOnline offers at the moment services in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune and Thane. Further cities and regions will added in the upcoming weeks and months. Our aim is to reach 20 cities of India in next one year.
20. Can I access the website through my mobile device?

BuyCarsOnline offers a mobile optimized design. For the best experience we still recommend to access the page through your laptop or tablet. S
21.How do I book a car to get a group discount?

Please contact our Customer Care Center between 10am to 6pm (Monday to Saturday) by phone +91 2267208282 or email us
22. How can I do a test drive?

The test drive will be provided by our authorized dealers. Time and date will be confirmed by mail of phone through our Customer Support. If you have any queries or want to book directly a test drive, please contact our Customer Care Center between 10am to 6pm (Monday to Saturday) by phone +91 2267208282 or email us
23. Which car should I buy?

Buy Cars as per your passion & budget. Check for features available on our website . For further support you can also contact our Customer Care Center between 10am to 6pm (Monday to Saturday) by phone +91 2267208282 or email us
24. Can I pay by cheque?

Yes, you also opt for a bank transfer or use your debit card. If you have any queries on payments, please contact our Customer Care Center between 10am to 6pm (Monday to Saturday) by phone +91 2267208282 or email us
25. When I book a car with some accessories, will they all be already fitted when delivered?
Yes, all accessories will be fitted by the car manufacturer into your configured car. In case you need additional accessories we provide and fit in your car before delivery with excellent discounts.

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