After the first move into the E-two wheeler space, the Ola Electric is planning to make a move into the four wheeler EV segment. Ola Electric is preparing to enter into the electric passenger vehicle (PV) segment. While its strategy for the e-two-wheeler market is well known, the company’s plans for entering into the electric four-wheeler category. Ola wants to take an early advantage in this EV space that just has started gaining interest.

There is no information on how the Ola electric car will be like, but according to sources, it will be built on a born-electric skateboard platform, have a modern design and will basically be a compact city car with limited range, but at a very reasonable price.

Global Design Centre

Ola Electric is planning to set up its design centre in Bengaluru which will have all the latest tech facilities to help in the production of EV. The facility will also have a design lab where clay models will be designed as well as material, colour and finishing of the models will be tested. Ola has already approached Tata designers for its upcoming EV project car.

Ola Charging Network

Due to lack of charging stations and limited range there aren’t much EV buyers in India as of now while Ola Electric is planning to set up a hypercharger network which will be spreaded across India. The company is planning to achieve a target of setting up 100,000 charging stations across 400 cities in India.

As per the current scenario Ola electric has publicly announced their plans of e two wheeler charging facility. However, with the inclusion of the hypercharger network it will be helpful for fulfilling the charging requirements of electric car buyer across various cities.

OLA Interest in the Indian EV market

As of now the plans of manufacturing electric passenger vehicle have not revealed. However, the company is constructing the factory for manufacturing the electric two wheelers at Tamil Nadu Plant which will be capable of producing 2 million e-two wheelers a year. The company have made an investment of Rs 2,400 crore.

According to media reports, at the commencement of construction of the plant Ola’s CEO and chairman, Bhavish Aggarwal, had said that while the company was starting off with e-two-wheelers, they will also aim to enter into the electric car market at some point.

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