Porsche India has recorded an increase in sales percentage despite of the pandemic-induced lockdown. Luxury car makers have marked healthy sales number this year. Porsche India shows that they have sold a panamera every week, apart from the sports car they also have seen good demand for SUV’s with an increased sales of 38 percent.

In comparison to the last year Porsche India has reported a 52 percent increase in its sales at 154 units in the January-March quarter. The company realising its best quarterly results in India in the last seven years, the automaker said in a statement

Along with continuing demand for Porsche's two-door sports cars that rose by 26 per cent for the 911, 718 Boxster and Cayman from January 2020 to march 2020, the company said. Porsche said its presence in the market has been enhanced with the recent opening of two new facilities in Delhi and Mumbai. At the inauguration of the new Mumbai showroom Manolito Vujicic, brand head, Porsche India, said “We are very happy with our performance this year and I always say, it is due to the strength of our customers and the love for the brand. As, despite the hard times, our customers have managed to reach us, and for that we can only say thank you”.

Porsche India Plans for the Future

As part of a good network expansion strategy, Porsche India plans to open five new facilities in major cities in the upcoming year, showing the brand's firm commitment to the Indian market. Besides this, Porsche India is also preparing for the expansion of its model offering, including the launch of the fully-electric Taycan in India.

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