When it comes to buying electric car, the Indian buyers have lot of doubts, confusions, questions in their mind. Electric vehicles will need more time to get grounds in Indian situations due to charging infrastructure, affordability and range it will cover etc.

There are technology innovations happening in Electric car segment. The Indian government and various state governments are trying for early adoption of Electric vehicles in India. The mumbai based EV startup STROM Motors has launched Strom R3. Will this be successful?

Strom R3 Electric vehicle features and price

The intelligent, smart, cute, two door, two seater and quirky little electric car STROM R3 is launched in India which is an entry-level compact electric car designed for urban cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad where you find dense traffic and parking your car is a nightmare. The ex-showroom price of this car INR 4,50,000.

Strom claims that the R3 has a driving range of 200km. It will run on a 48-volt electric system, with the electric motor rated at 15kW (20.4PS) and 90Nm. Two other versions with ranges of 120km and 180km could be available soon, the current bookings are for the 200km version only. The car will take three hours to charge the battery. It comes equipped with a lithium-ion battery that takes 3 hours to charge 100% and driving range of 200Kms with a top speed of up to 80kmph.

The Strom R3 has an unique and interesting design. It comes with a sunroof, muscular bumper upfront, dual-tone finish and LED lights. This is a three-wheeled car with two wheels at the front and one at the rear. The first look is like Mumbai Auto-rickshaw designed backwards.

Though, the ex-showroom price of this electric vehicle is Rs 4,50,00 the Strom R3 still offers lot of features. It has a 7-inch infotainment system vertically stacked like the one we see in the Tesla. The nfotainment system comes with 4G connectivity. IoT-enabled Continuous Monitoring System, which can be controlled using your voice or even using gestures and also has a 20GB onboard for music storage.

Strom R3 may offer a two seating arrangements options are - two captain seats or a single bench seat for 3.

Dimensions of Strom R3: (L) 2907 mm (W) 1450 mm x (H) 1572 mm Tyres: 3 x 155/80 R13

Will affordable Electric vehicle Strom R3 be successful in India?

No doubt that Strom R3 is the cheapest electric car and offers lot of advanced technology features, but, the design may garner some extreme reactions from the prospective buyers of this car. The car is launched at INR 4.5 Lakh and at the same price customers may opt for a diesel / petrol / CNG car with seating capacity of 4 people and manageable luggage space. And, most importantly a four wheel car not like Strom R3 which is three wheeled.

Should we compare Strom R3 with Tata Nexon EV? Answer is definite NO. But yes, it can be treated like a Tata Nano and an electric car.

Not to rule out the fact that Strom R3 has many advantages as well. And definitely a need for the Indian roads and environment in today’s scenario. The car can be pre-booked at INR 10,000. The deliveries are planned from 2022. You can get test drive from August 2021 as per the latest update.

Electric vehicle adoption in India still remains a distant dream, but, with innovative and affordable electric cars the adoption can be far quicker.

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